Bogibeel rail cum road bridge

Bogibeel Bridge

Bogibeel rail cum road bridge: Fact, Importance and History 

After Dhola Sadiya bridge, Bogibeel rail cum road bridge (name is not finalised yet) is the gift given by the government of India to the people of North-East India. This bridge is constructed on Brahmaputra river. The bridge will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th Dec 2018, on Christmas and just before new year. Here are the some facts, importance and History of the Bogibeel Bridge.

About the Bogibeel rail cum road bridge

  1. It is the second longest rail cum road bridge in Asia and the longest in India.
  2. Bridge is constructed at about 32mt above from water level.
  3. It is standing on 42 pools. 
  4. Length of Bridge is about 4.94km long.
  5. Bridge is consist of three lane roads on top and a double lane railway road below. 
  6. It is estimated that the bridge cost about 5800cr in construction.
  7. Bridge is will have a life span of about 120 years. 

Importance of Bogibeel rail cum road bridge

  1. It will reduce or save the time of subject of Arunachal Pradesh to go Dibrugarh and vice versa
  2. It reduce the distance of about 500km to nearly 100km. Earlier in this place only the boat service was available because of why people first go to Guwahati via train and from their they headed towards Dibrugarh.
  3. Bridge will also play a crucial role in the movement of army troops.

History of Bogibeel rail cum road bridge

  1. Foundation was laid by the then Prime Minister H. D Deva Gowda, on January 1997
  2. Construction was stated almost after 5year. Construction of the bridge was started on April 2002 under the Prime Minister ship of A.B Vajpayee.
  3. Bridge was granted National project status on 2007 by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  4. First trial run with Rail engine and 15coaches crossed the bridge on 22Oct 2018

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