Things to know if your planning to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh

    Arunachal Pradesh or know as the downlit mountain, orchid state, land of rising sun or by many other name is the largest state in northeastern India. The land is very vibrant and change rapidly. Thousands of tourist use to came here to experience the beauty of nature and the cultural diversification and differences.

6 things to know before choosing Arunachal Pradesh as your next tourist destination. 


It is the first and the forest things to know for the outsider or travelers before heading for arunachal tour. All the tourist including Indian and foreigner who are not the natives of Arunachal Pradesh need a permit to enter the state.

A. ILP: 

Inner line permit are for those tourist who are from Indian origin and not the natives of Arunachal Pradesh. 

B. PAP: 

Protected area permit are for the foreign travelers or the outsider who are not from India state.
Both the permit can be gather or apply from net or if you want to do old pen paper work you can get permit from the various routes from where your entering Arunachal Pradesh. Terms and conditions apply.


If your thinking that the road of Arunachal Pradesh will be as smooth as like other states of India then you'll get upset after entering the state. Road condition of the state is not as good as compare to other state of india because of the frequent landslide and soft lithological characteristics. Road is also zig zag because of topography. But in recent days improvement can be seen in state.


Climatic condition of the state varies rapidly in spatial context. Some places like papum pare is very hot during summer but in case of lower Subansiri it is not. So be very precise about where your going and plan your cloth item according to that.

4. Multiple sim card

Always carry multiple sim card because in most places only certain types of cellular networks are operating. In specific most of the places are only connected with BSNL, one can carry Airtel and Vodafone along with it for backup.


This is one and the foremost question for any traveler before traveling to any place. In case of Arunachal Pradesh language barrier will be very less because most of arunachal population knows Hindi and English. Though their Hindi are bit different from mainland Indian hindi but it is understandable.

6. Non vegetarian

Arunachal Pradesh is an state dominated by Tribal society most of which are Non vegetarian but they mostly supplement their food with vegetarian food also. In needs they can be both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I liked it.I really want to visit there soon. It is a beautiful place. The information you have shared here would be helpful. Keep it up the work. And keep on sharing new posts. Looking forward to it.


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