Time lag in India state

Time lag in India is now one of the most important topic to discuss in recent days. India is the 7th largest country in the world. It cover 2,933 km from east to west and 3,214 km from north to south. It's latitude and longitudinal extend is from 8°04' to 37°06' north latitude and 68°07' to 97°25' east longitude.
Time lag between east and western extend is about 2 hours. If we talk about Geometrically it is above 28°. Interesting thing about India standard time is that being the 7th largest country in the world it only follows single standard time. It follows 82.5° east longitude which passes through Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. IST (Indian standard time) as UTC (Coordinate universal time) + 5.30.


First sunrise of Indian state can be witnessed at the DHONG Town of Arunachal Pradesh which is situated at above 1200mt above sea level in Anjaw district of the state. Dhong village witnessed sunrise at 5.20am and sets at 4.30pm. The last sunset in India can be seen in Guhar Moti, Gujarat. Time difference in this two place is about 2hours, in standard time difference is calculated as 4° equals to 1 minute. If we multiple 4 with 29° it is 116 minute yet the state of India follows one standard time.

Loss of time is one of the main consequence of the single standard time in big developing countries, since whole india follows single time table the people of northeast india in specific people of Arunachal Pradesh loss almost 3-4 hour of their daily life. Indian office time is 9 am while sun already rise before 6.30 in almost every part of the Arunachal Pradesh but people have to wait till 9am to go office or any other commercial work (taxi, market, etc). In this process we lost almost 2hours. At evening office close at 4pm and sun set at 5 - 5.30 pm after which productive work is not possible. Because of single time table people losing 3-4 hours in their daily life.

If Northeastern people were given their own Time table people will be avail to use time more productive and effective in their life.

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