What ziro is famous for

Ziro Valley 

Ziro, tourist attractor

Ziro is the small valley in the lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh. According to 2011census ziro have a population of over 12,000people. Apatani tribes are the main inhabitant of the area ziro. 

What are the things which made ziro famous

Paddy cum fish (pisci) cultivation

It is one of the most rare agricultural  cultivation practices in the entire world. Ziro is famous for its paddy cum fish cultivation system. In this system paddy and fish are grown in same agricultural field. This system is prevail all around ziro Valley. Tarin fish cultivation is one of the important example. 

Siddeswarnath temple

Shivlinga in kardo forest is one of the famous tourist attraction sites in ziro. This is located at just 3-4km from Hapoli and 11-12km from old ziro. It is almost 22ft tall. 

Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary:

This wildlife sanctuary is a home of many endangered and endimic species. Sanctuary have almost a 337 Sq. Km of areal coverage. Rear specie like hollock gibbon, Bhutan glory, apatani glory (moth), clouded leopard and many other flora and fauna can be seen here.

Ziro Music festival:

Ziro music festival is one of the biggest music fest in entire northeast india. Festival use to organize once in every year at the month of September. A wide range of artist, band use to perform during the festival. 


Apatani people of ziro valley have a very unique traditional system. They are well aware of time and many traditional practices are changing according to needs of time. They have a very unique Agricultural practice which is know as paddy cum fish cultivation, along side with it they use to cultivate millets on the bunds. They also us  to have a tattoo culture, we're married women are being tattooed. Apart from this married women use, to wear nose plugs. Now this culture is in verge of extinction. 

Housing pattern

Apatani use to live in a small huts made of bamboo. They use to built house in a very close proximity. In their houses they use mostly the bamboo and to compensate it they use wood also. Usually house length is larger than its breath. 

Information provided are not found relevant then please let us know by leaving your comments and above are only the small glimpse of ziro valley, visit the place get the experience. 

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