Citizenship bill 2016: it's amending and consequences

Citizenship amendment bill which was proposed in the lok sabha in July 19 2016, is been opposed since it was introduced in the house by different leaders and community. Citizenship amendment bill have some big changes from the articles of citizenship act of 1995.

Illegal immigrants

According to citizenship act 1995, illegal immigrants are those people who doesn't have a valid government document or entered the state of India without valid passport, even though the person entered with valid passport if their visa expiry is over and still staying in India will be considered as illegal.

Citizen amendment bill 2016 

Bill states that the migrants from the Bangladesh especially the Hindu population who are staying in India will be granted a citizenship of India it also states that the Hindu, Christian, Sikhs, Jains, and Parsis migrant from Afghanistan and Pakistan will be granted a citizenship of India on religious basis, bill also reduce the naturality citizenship from 11years to only 6years. It means people who stayed for more then 6years can apply for citizenship.

Citizenship Act 1995

  1. Under Article 9 of the Indian Constitution, an individual who deliberately gains citizenship of some other nation is never again an Indian citizen. 
  2. Persons born into the world outside India on or after January 26, 1950, however before December 10, 1992, are subjects of India by descent if their dad was a native of India at their born. 
  3. From December 3, 2004, onwards, person born into the world outside of India will not be viewed as subjects of India except if their birth is enlisted at an Indian department inside one year of the date of birth. 
  4. In Section 8 of the Citizenship Act 1955, if a grown-up makes an announcement of renunciation of Indian citizenship, he loses Indian citizenship 

Assam accord 1985, 

In this accord it is state that anyone who could not prove that they or  their ancestors had entered the state from outside the country before midnight of March 24th 1971 was to be declared a foreigner and eventually deported to their country of origin.

What could be consequence 

According to this act all the illegal immigrants till date will be given citizenship of India if they fulfill above mention point under citizenship amendment bill 2016. It will have a large effect in northeastern state especially, As northeastern state are inhabited by Tribal and its population is very less, if the illegal immigrant are given citizenship they will look for their place, in this case northeast will be their first choice as the population is very less in northeastern state.  Issues like chakma and hajong in Northeast will be neutralized and they will be granted citizenship as they belongs to Hindu religion. Bill will also give rise to the religious discrimination as Bill mentioned about the Citizenship grant to Muslims community.
For this purpose NESO (northeast student organization) called an all northeaste India band call on 8th January 2019

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