Donyi-poloism or Donyi polo is the religious beliefs, mostly practices by the Tani group and mostly Tibeto Burman people of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a animistic religion were sacrifices of animal is common.

Animism is the world's most seasoned religion, and it originates before any type of composed religion. It goes back to times when people wandered the fields as seeker gatherers, having confidence in the Spirit of Nature.

People used to worship sun (doni) and moon (polo) in donyi-poloisim. They considered sun as Ane (mother) and moon as Abo (father).

Its origin is very difficult to trace as the tribal people of the Arunachal Pradesh doesn't have written script or language. Most of the tribal society in Arunachal Pradesh doesn't have their own script, while some are working on it in recent days. Origin of Doni poloism can be traceable in various folk lore and song.
Talom Rukbo is considered as the Revivlar of the Donipoloism  in the modern world. He revive the dying Doni polo beliefs into the religion. 31st December is celebrated as the Donyi-poloism day in Arunachal Pradesh.


In its original form Donyi-poloism beliefs in the nature and different spirits. In its early stages Donyi poloism doesn't worshiped any God or Goddess. But they do used to beliefs in different spirits.  In its original form their was no worshipping of statue. Worshipping of sun and moon is the recent trends in Donyi poloism. They were animistic and use to  beliefs in the Nature and spirits.
"Ane Donyi, Abo polo" in Donyi-poloism, sun is considered as female (mother) which is the main source of energy to the world. It also shows the importance of female in their society. Abo polo is the guide in our dark time. Polo use to guide in our hard time, they are the saviour.

Changes in Donyipoloisim.

1. In its original form their were No worshipping of any statue or symbol, they belief in Nature and considered Sun and Moon as Supernatural power but now in recent days in Donyi poloism worshipping of Lady figure and picture of sun and moon is prevalent.

2. Creation of Namder Nello, or worshipping place is another changes in the Donyi-poloism. Namder Nello is created to match up with the growing other religion.

3. Books and modern songs are also available now.

4. Worshipping of Female deity, in place of sun in recent days people used to worshipped female deity with sun on its Head.

Ane Donyi

  In present days Donyi-poloism believers in Arunachal Pradesh is declining in a very fast rate. Introduction of many Alien religion in the state effects the status of Donyi-poloism. Arunachal Pradesh as a state is changing continuously so as its culture and beliefs also.

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