The Galo: tribal community in Arunachal Pradesh
Modern galo family

The Galo: tribal community in Arunachal Pradesh 

Galo are the second highest population tribal communities in Arunachal Pradesh, they belongs to the Mongoloid Racial stock. Galo tribes can be found all over the states but they are mainly inhabiting in the Siang territories i.e west Siang, upper Siang, lower Siang, Siang and east Siang. They are also found in western part of upper Subansiri also. Galos are the descendant of Abotani and belongs to TANI clan of the state.
Galos have their own unique identity in the state, with their food habits, culture, festival, dress, etc. They are also famous for various folk lors and songs.


Galos have a very distinct type of food habits. Most of their food items use to came from jungle and agricultural fields. Rice is the staple food of galos. Along with rice grown in agricultural field, they use to collect vegetables from the jungle as well as grow vegetables with the rice in the field. Galo are mostly Non vegetarian in nature. 

Bevarage made up or rice and husk is very famous. Galo use to prepare two different type of Bevarage, white and black colour. 


Agriculture is the main occupation of galo tribe like as most of the tribal of Arunachal Pradesh is. They use to perform two type of agriculture i.e jhum cultivation and paddy or wet cultivation.
In jhum or shifting cultivation galo people use to grow rice, millet, maize, chilli, sweet potatoes, and many other daily product.
In paddy field, galo people use to grow paddy and in off season they use to grow vegetable item in the field.

Hunting: apart from agricultural practice galo are good hunter. They are know for different techniques of hunting throughout the state.

Society of Galo community: 

Galo community is composed of different clans. Clans is composed of different surname which have a same descendant of origin. Family is the smallest unit in society. Galo people use to follow patriarchy society were father is the head the family.
Administration system of Galo is composed of three tiers system

  1. Kebang or keba (the village council) 
  2. Bango (inter village council)
  3. Bogum Bokang (Divisional council)

Galo People

Mopin festival celebrated by the galo community is one of the most famous and enjoyed tribal festival in Arunachal Pradesh. Festival is celebrated for the peace and prosperity of people and agricultural. Mopin festival use to celebrate in the month of April after the sowing of seeds in agricultural field. In the festival Galo people use to wear traditional dress and ornaments. One of the iconic aspect of the celebration is the using of rice fest.
 Popir, the folk dance by galo is performed during the celebration by the female members of Galo community.


Galo people use to follow the very own Doni polosim religion. It is the religion where people use to worship (beliefs) in SUN and the MOON. Image worship is not found in galos people. CHRISTIANITY is the religion which is making continuous impact on the galo peoples in recent days.

House of Galo people: 

Galo people use to construct house little bit elivated from the ground. In their use they mostly use the Bamboo, woods, cane rope and 'TOKO PATTA'.

Dress of Galo community:
Galo boy wearing traditional Dress
Galo girl

Female member of the community used to wear Gale and top. While Male member use to wear Galup, habe and bolup (cap)

Galo language and dialect: 

Galo community belongs to the  sino-tibetain linguistic group. In the community their are numerous type of dialect, popular dialect are lare, pugo and karkay dialect. Their dialect mostly have a tonal variation only.

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